Gantry Company GrayScale artwork for laser engraving systems and CNC toolpaths

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Providing the finest 3D Grayscale Graphics to the engraving industry since 1994

.... a fast and easy, cost-effective path into the high-value-added 3D laser carving marketplace

<<< Over 300 ready-to-use 3D laser engraving designs ranging from very simple to highly detailed   >>>

       Two distinct applications for
      Gantry GrayGraphics artwork:

     Production ready grayscale files
      that are sent directly to your 3D
      capable laser engraver

     Grayscale files that can be input
      to g-code generators for CNC

Create stunning and profitable
3-D laser carvings
even if just getting started

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Partner Program
for substantial savings

There is a good reason
Kern, Epilog and others
recommend us

Custom Artwork remains
our core business

Try 3D engraving on your system before you buy!
Before you purchase any grayscale artwork, make sure that your system is 3D capable and that you're pleased with the results.
Simply E-mail us at with a bit of info on your system
and we'll e-mail you the FREE no obligation 300 dpi Eagle Evaluation engraving file below to try at your convenience.

All orders ship via e-mail.

Order using PayPal
PayPal orders ship same day
   except evenings and Sundays

PayPal accepts credit cards without
the need for a PayPal account

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!  E-mail Gantry for this FREE no obligation Eagle Evalution graphic to try out on your system

 Actual engraving files will have 80 to 200
 times the resolution of the images shown

       Production ready verified art
     High quality and fine detail
     Lossless TIF format
  300 DPI standard
Full 8-bit, 256 gray levels
         Scalable to 50%-200% or more
      Options with select images:
               - Personalizing constructs
 - Cutting vectors

Boost your business visibility with our easy to use Generic Library!
For your convenience, a generic library with all of the Gantry GrayGraphics Library images is available in an unbranded
format. You can use this library to show your customers all of the available graphics just as if they were an integral part of
your Website - just add the link Generic Customer Library and get started now!
If you currently don't have a Website, just add the link above to your browser 'Favorites'.

All file(s) will be e-mailed to the e-mail address provided with your order.
Orders placed using PayPal usually ship within 12 hrs except for evenings and Sundays.
 NOTE: Order ID's with a CV (Cutting Vector) suffix will ship by e-mail with two files,
one a grayscale .tif format file and the other a vector .cdr format file.

All engraving artwork on this Website is 1996-2014 Gantry Company.
Artwork remains the property of Gantry Company and is non-exclusive to Purchaser. 'Purchase' is License for non-exclusive 'Right to Use'.
No warranty as to the performance of this product on Purchaser's equipment is expressed or implied. All sales final.
Reference complete Terms of Service.


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